Of course Boris Karloff will always be immortalized as the Frankenstein creation,but my favorite is his portrayal of the eerie cabman Gray in the 1945 Robert Wise classic"The Body Snatcher".It was my very first introduction to Boris Karloff.I remember seeing it as a 7 year old boy on the great late night show "Chiller Theatre" back in 1965.It remains my favorite.
The cast is superb with Bela Lugosi at his spooky best,Henry Daniell as Dr.McFarland a perfect nemisis for Gray and a great supporting cast.As Karloffs' first film for RKO it is by far his best and I feel one of his best performances.Produced by Val Lewton and directed by Robert Wise,it is a must see for all Karloff fans!
Another one of his characters that is less known but well acted isJames Rankin in the film"The Haunted Strangler"
in 1958.A low budget but very well acted and atmospheric film.Boris turns in a fine performance as the criminologist turned criminal.With a fine cast of unknowns,it is over all a well made film and well worth the price of admission
Now that Christmas time is upon us again,we can look forward to enjoying the great classic "How The Grinch Stole Christmas".Debuting on CBS on December 18,1966,it was recently voted by TV Guide as the BEST Christmas special ever made.That is quite a compliment considering all the shows that are made year after year.It was also one of Boris' personal favorites.It is available on video and cd ,so we can enjoy it year round.
Being today is November 23thrd,i want to wish Sara Karloff a very happy birthday and remember Boris on this day which is very special to us Boris fans!


#1-Name another animated feature Boris made in 1966
#2-Also in 1967 Boris made another "classic" animated feature.Name it.
#3-Year is 1934.Character is Baron Ledrantz.Name the film.
#4-Name Boris' parents
#5-Name the actor who,in 1955, starred with Boris on the television version of "Arsenic and Old Lace",who later was seen as a regular on many game shows
#6-A very famous actress also was in this production.Name her.
#7-Boris' first known film.
#8-Boris' last film.
#9-This year there was a convention honoring our beloved Boris.where was it held?And when?
#10-What is the alternate title to Mary Shellys' "Frankenstein"

Have a Boris Karloff trivia question and want to try and stump us?Feel free to e-mail us with any trivia questions!


DEAR BORIS-A very informative and
heartfelt tribute to Boris Karloff by Cynthia Lindsay .
Published in 1975 by Knopf
Publishing,it is a very well
written book by one of Boris'
closest friends.It discusses
his family,his childhood and
his extensive career on stage ,in movies,tv and radio.Has hundreds of great photos, many candid. A must read for all Boris
Karloff fans!

MOVIES-My first and my per-
sonal favorite book on Bor-
is Karloff.Written by Dennis
Gifford and published in
1973 by Curtis Publishing.
The book tells of Boris'
family history and gives
synopsis of his films list-
ing credits and a comm-
ent about each by the
author.The photos are
well chosen and terrific.
Highly recommended.