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Boris Karloff.The king of horror films.The name can convey fear in the characters he portrayed,yet convey sympathy in his portrayel of them.His talent stretched from films to broadway,radio,tv and records.His honor and legacy is being carried on today thru his many works and thru the hard work of his daughter Sara.I hope fans young and old alike enjoy what we have to share.
Born William Henry Pratt on Nov.23,1887 in Dulwich,England to a family of 8 brothers and 1 sister.Raised to be a civil servant he was destined for films.His first being "The Dumb Girl of Portici" in 1916
and his last "House of Evil " released in 1972.His most famous being"Frankenstein" in 1931.One that he will be eternally remembered for.His vast array of characters showcased his enormous talent.Hopefully thru these pages we can help bring that talent to a world of fans.
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